Company Culture

Zhejiang Mongle Toys Co., Ltd. Corporate Culture:
Corporate slogan:
Dreams create infinite fun
Corporate purposes:
Everything is happy for the child's dream
corporate vision:
Create world-class toy sourcing platform
Our Mission:
Provide  each buyer with "high-quality, high-efficiency" services, and strive to  create a happy and happy children's paradise for each child.
Business motto:
A life with a dream is called a voyage, and a life without a dream is a wandering.
Enterprise spirit:
Integrity and Innovation
Corporate values:
Altruistic and perfect
Zhejiang Mengle Toys Co., Ltd. Business philosophy:
Enterprises join hands with employees to achieve common development
1. Work concept: think for the customer, think for the customer
2, the concept of competition: no sense of urgency, is the greatest concern
3, talent concept: people make the best use of it
4. Market philosophy: Attitude determines the market
5. Customer Philosophy: Exceeding Customer Expectations and Examining Customer's Lifetime Value
6, learning concept: to benchmark, learn from others
7, the concept of good faith: integrity is the foundation of wealth in life
Zhejiang Mengle Toys Co., Ltd. Conference Culture
It will be discussed, it must be decided, it must be done, it must be done.
Meeting is a means to solve problems is the purpose
Heart to one place, no obstacles to communication
Communication is the first step to a good relationship